Who We Are

Highly Skilled in soldering and metal fabrication Adam Burgess's resume includes 8 years (16K hours!) of still building experience producing thousands of hobbyists stills, and numerous commercial distillery stills. Committed to the highest level of artisanship, his goal for CopperStillCo which he started in 2021, is to make it's mark as the west coast's "go-to" brand and become an industry standard in the hobbyist market. A consummate professional, Adam prioritizes building strong business relationships. Driven by a job well done, CopperStillCo stills are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. In fact, customers have described them as "true works of art." Per the tagline, "The proof is in the Still!"

Steekee Creek Heritage Malts Is a simple mom and pop companny with strong ties to the farming and distilling community. We offer premium grains and moonshine ingredients kits for the home distiller. We take a lot of pride in sourcing grains of the highest quality from local small business farmers. When you use our grains you are supporting the small family farmer. When you click the buy button on our website it's the same as a hand shake. Check out our grains and recipe kits today.

Still'n The Clear is an online media company dedicated to helping beginners get into the hobby of home distillation through clear and concise tutorials and resources. Our goal is to remove the mystery and myth of moonshining while honoring its' traditions.  Making moonshining simple and easy to understand is our specialty. We offer videos on YouTube, an audio podcast on Spotify, articles and moonshine products on our website, and an interactive community called Moonshine For Beginners.